What stage of your retirement planning are you in?

Real Retirement Planning goes way beyond pension plans. It starts with having a clear picture of your goals, your lifestyle, your expenses and your sources of retirement income. It may seem far away, but we’ll build the plan to help get you, where you want to be. We feel so passionate about proper retirement planning for all that we created www.pensionplanner.ie

Our aim is to help you take control of  your next phase in life! See which stage of retirement planning you are at:

Beginning to plan for Retirement

Creating a financial plan that takes your goals and lifestyle into account, which will help you see, how much you will need in retirement. We will help you to setup your contributions and their direction. We will create an investment portfolio that’s right for you. We’ll look at various sources of income and help you maximise your options.

Actively Planning For Retirement

There is no magic number to know if you have enough. We will help you to build a plan and see if you are on track to meet your financial goals. The good news is that while you are working, you are still in an accumulation phase, which means, you have time to multiply your assets. We will regularly review your plan to adapt as your life changes. Retiring early takes planning, talk to us today.

Approaching Retirement

With just a few years until retirement, you now have the most tax benefits and are at the hight of your career. Now is a critical time to evaluate all of your sources of income to ensure that you will have the retirement, you’ve dreamed of. Your iPlan will give you a good overview, where you stand and offer ideas on how to improve your retirement outlook.

Already Retired

Most probably, you will receive some form of guaranteed income from the State. This income will typically form a base to meet some of the retirement spending. Your private pension savings and other sources of income will fill any gaps. How much you draw and from which sources will depend on many factors, including taxation, estate planning, health and future goals. We will help you prepare fopr the expected and navigate through the unexpected events.